Color: Blue | White

Weight: 93 g

For users with an environmental awareness, LED LENSER® SEO 7R is the first choice. The top model intheLED LENSER® SEO series is rechargeable, focusable and offers even more than the other models interms of lighting power.The automatic dimming function in accordance with reflected light is particularly innovative. If youoccasionally look down at a map, you do not need to manually reduce the intensity of the light. A sensorrecognizes the reflected light and automatically triggers the dimmer to prevent dazzling.The LED LENSER® SEO 7R has a modern design which unites the best functions of the series and,thanks to the rechargeable battery pack, is also particularly cost-efficient to operate.


Luminous flux*MAX 220 lm MIN 20 lm
Beam Distance *MAX 130 m MIN 40 m
Burning Life** MAX 2 h MIN 20 h
Power 1 x Li-Ion 3.7V
Energy Tank *** 3.2 Wh
IP protection class IPX6
Advanced Focus System
Focused: More light in focus. Advantage: Improved long-distance light (focus position). When in focus position, the reflector focuses light to the front just like any ordinary reflector (mirror). But while conventional reflectors scatter the light beam, here it is focused again by the lens. Compared to conventional reflectors, up to twice as much light within the focus.
– Defocused: Circular Beam. Advantage: Circular light beam for reading and close-up range. When the diode is situated in front of the lens, it emits circular, homogeneous light that is highly functional and beautiful at the same time. Create your own light architecture with our dynamic light cone adjustment.

The development of the reflector-lens, i.e. a combination of reflector and lens (AFS), enables us to “tailor-make” light with an efficiency that amazes even experts.

Light distribution via reflector and lens.

The light is directed through the lens.(Circular Beam)

Smart Light Technology:

The various light functions

– Morse / Tactical Task: Due to the key function of the switch easy sending individual signal sequences is possible.

– Power: High light output, for each situation.


– Low Power:Glare-free reading and working with this function is to lightest discipline.


– Dim: Continuous regulation between 15% and 100% enables you to set the individual desired light intensity.


– Blink: It automatically sends light pulses at regular intervals. This function is useful, for example, as a signal to mark a position.


– S.O.S. : In emergency situations can cause you the lamp with the SOS function helper. The visibility of the signal over several kilometers increases the chance of rescue.


– Defence Strobe: The high-frequency light flashes (strobes) are a quick and effective method of defense. The US Army is now on this technology in the field of “Non-Lethal Weapons” (NOT lethal weapons).



Energy Modes:

The Energy Modes are the selectable “basic settings”? of your flashlight. You can choose between Energy Saving Mode, which optimizes burning life, and Constant Current Mode (constant current control) with electronically controlled, continuous light output. The chosen energy mode remains unchanged up to a new selection and you are able to modify it at any time in a short way.

Low Battery Message System

When the light dies down on the way home …Many flashlights now on the market – especially voltage control models – leave you in the dark from one second to the next as soon as battery power is exhausted. Smart Light Technology (SLT) constantly checks the battery charge condition and informs you in due time when changing batteries is necessary.



* Luminous flux (lumen/lm) or maximum beam distance (in meters) is measured using the setting specified in the table or text when switching on with a set of fresh alkaline batteries or, for rechargeable units, with a fully charged rechargeable battery. If no brightness level is explicitly mentioned, the values refer to the Boost function; if there is no Boost function featured on the relevant product, the values refer to the brightest setting that the product has.
These are average values that may deviate by +/- -15% in individual instances in accordance with chip and battery/battery pack.
A Boost function is available multiple times, but only for a very brief period of time.

** The average burning life (h) of the relevant setting as given in the table or in text is up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen. If no brightness level is mentioned, the values refer to the Low Power function; if there is no Low Power function featured on the relevant product, the values refer to the lowest setting that the product has.
A Boost function (if included) is available multiple times, but only for a very brief period of time.

*** Calculated value of the capacity in Watt hours (Wh). This applies to the battery(ies) contained in the relevant product in the delivered state or, for flashlights with battery pack(s), when the batteries are in a fully charged state.